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Your Local Pantry


More than 90,000 people's lives have been improved through Your Local Pantry membership over the past decade, in 100 neighbourhoods across the UK. Pantries soften the blow of high living costs and create the conditions for communities to grow and thrive, by bringing people together around food. They are strengthening communities, fostering friendships, loosening the grip of poverty and contributing to healthier, happier lives.

Pantries operate as membership food clubs and neighbourhood hubs, often serving as springboards to other community initiatives, opportunities and ideas.

In addition to the immediate tangible savings, which are now worth £21 a week on average, Pantries offer so much more:

  • enhancing mental and physical health
  • reducing feelings of isolation
  • enabling them to form new friendships
  • explore new opportunities
  • renewing their connection with the local community


A Pantry is:

  • Member-run: Pantries operate along cooperative lines, and many volunteers are members too.
  • Open to all: You don’t need a referral - anyone who lives in an area served by a Pantry can join.
  • Long-lasting: You can join for as long as you want, and can choose to go every week or just occasionally.

Pantries stock an abundant and wide range of top-quality food including fresh fruit and veg, frozen and chilled food, meat and dairy products, and long-life tinned and packaged food.

Members pay a small subscription of a few pounds a week, and in return can choose groceries worth many times more, often saving up to £1,000 a year on shopping bills.

Pantries are just like a shop, in that you choose the food you want from the shelves.

Pantries are run by uniformed staff and volunteers who manage the stores with hand-held technology.

Each Pantry also has a cherished role as a neighbourhood hub, often serving as a springboard to other initiatives and ideas, such as cookery classes, volunteering opportunities, and training.



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