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Join us in our HouseProud pledge

As the UK’s leading Social Enterprise, we are determined to create happy, healthy, and inclusive Communities for everyone. That’s why we’re proud to announce we have signed up to the HouseProud Pledge. This demonstrates our commitment to ensuring our LGBTQ+ Customers and Colleagues feel supported and are represented in all areas of our organisation. 

Who are HouseProud and what do they do? 

Founded in 2014, HouseProud is a network for LGBTQ+ People working in social housing. Made up of numerous organisations, including housing associations, ALMOs (Arms Length Management Organisations), local authorities and care providers, it aims to provide networking opportunities for LGBTQ+ Colleagues while campaigning on or for LGBTQ+ related issues.  

In 2017, HouseProud commissioned the University of Surrey to undertake research on the experiences of LGBTQ+ residents in social housing and published the report No Place Like Home? in February 2018. The Pledge Scheme was developed in response to this report. 

What is the HouseProud Pledge? 

Launched by HouseProud and the University of Surrey back in May 2019, the HouseProud Pledge is an inclusivity program that is available to all housing providers. It aims to address the issues raised by the findings of the No Place Like Home? Report by asking participants to demonstrate their commitment to LGBTQ+ resident equality through engaging with their Customers and Colleagues to create meaningful change to policies and procedures that affect the Community.  

What is our pledge?

As part of our pledge, we’re actively committing to improve our homes and services for LGBTQ+ Customers. Our improvement is measured by three core commitments within our first year, these are:  

  • To ensure that LGBTQ+ Customers can have input at an executive/strategic level  

  • To increase LGBTQ+ visibility by using the Pledge symbol  

  • To implement Colleague training to improve understanding of LGBTQ+ issues.  

We need your help to achieve these goals and demonstrate our journey to becoming a truly inclusive organisation. As a result, you may notice emails in your inbox and posters in your local Community promoting our HouseProud Pledge. You can use the QR codes on these promotional materials to discover specialist LGBTQ+ support and resources locally and nationally.  

How to get involved

There are many ways that our Customers and Colleague can make a positive change, these include:

Why is it important to us

"This is a really important step in our commitment to being an Inclusive community for everyone, thank you for all your help and support to enable Places for People to achieve the HouseProud pledge. Thank you"

Kasia Klundik, Group Head of EDI and Wellbeing

Support available

There is a wide range of support available for the LGBTQ+ Community, whether it’s for you or a loved one. Click here for a list of useful contacts.