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Our social impact

We aim to make a positive difference to customers and communities through all our work

As the UK’s leading social enterprise, we have a responsibility to ensure our products and services make a positive impact on People, Places and the Planet. Creating social value for Customers and Communities is at the heart of our approach.

Across the Group, we deliver a wide range of social value activity through our core work in creating thriving Communities as well as through the Places Impact Group function and Places Foundation Group charity.

The Places Impact Group function works with all our businesses to help measure, multiply and maximise social value. This includes delivering social value by providing grants, volunteering opportunities and fundraising to make a positive difference to People’s lives.

The Group charity the Places Foundation is an independent charitable organisation which provides grants and social investment to ‘improve the lives of People and Communities that have experienced disadvantage and are furthest from the labour market’.

Social impact outcomes delivered

Provided 23,539 people with support in health and wellbeing

Helped 10,539 people who were homeless or at risk of being homeless

Supported 6,654 people with money advice and access to the hardship fund

Supported 3,796 people with education, employment or training

How we make a difference

Across our organisation, we deliver lots of activities that make a difference by providing grants, volunteering opportunities and fundraising to help People overcome barriers to reach their potential.

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Margaret Customer Story

Customer and People Stories

Everyone has a story to tell. Meet some of the wonderful individuals who are helping and inspiring our Communities to thrive.

Providing opportunities to access education, training and employment

We are committed to improving access to training and jobs, improving employability, volunteering opportunities, and developing new skills.

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Group Of Three Young Girls Colouring Pictures At A Table

Supporting better health and wellbeing

Through grants and Community Investment we are delivering a wide range of activities to support health and wellbeing.

Building sustainable and resilient communities

Sustainable communities need a thriving voluntary and Community sector.Our Community Investment Fund provides funding for local charities and Community projects.

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Strengthening financial and digital inclusion

Being unable to manage your home and money can have devastating results. Similarly, digital exclusion can cause social isolation and prevent People from accessing essential information and services. We are responding to these challenges by offering money advice, getting Customers online, and signposting for debt advice.

Homes for Ukraine

We know lots of our customers want to help, and where customers want to offer a spare room, we want to support you to do that safely for you and your family.  This page brings together information for Places for People customers considering this option.

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