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Our Courses

Our online courses have been developed with you in mind, covering topics from money management to noise matters.

The aim of these courses are to help support you with your day-to-day life, from helping you with finances and budgeting to how to be a good neighbour.

Please note: you will need to register for an online account with Places Learning before being able to signup to our courses.

Money management

The Money management course covers a full range of topics to help you manage your money better. We have included simple, easy to follow tips and a budget planner, helping you understand the money coming in and the money going out.

Modules include:

  • Introduction
  • Simple tips to make your money stretch further
  • Budget planner
  • Prioritise essential payments/types of debt
  • Module takeaways
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Anti-social behaviour

The Anti social behaviour course includes an introduction to anti social behaviour covering; fly tipping, dropping litter, graffiti, vandalism and abandoned cars with key takeaways, helping you to identify and report anti-social behaviour.

Modules include:

  • Introduction
  • What is anti-social behaviour?
  • Identifying anti-social behaviour
  • How to resolve
  • Module takeaways

Noise matters

Noise nuisance from neighbours, family or friends can cause distress and affect your home environment. This course covers what is acceptable and how to approach and resolve problems that may arise. 

Modules include:

  • Introduction
  • What are acceptable and nuisance noises?
  • What can you do to resolve noise problems?
  • Scenario questions
  • Conclusions and takeaways
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Why Mental Health matters

The aim of this course is to highlight the importance of our own mental health.

For further guidance, please look at the Mental Health toolkit course.

Mental health toolkit

Our mental health toolkit is the next step after taking our 'Why mental health matters' course, designed to provide further information on how mental health affects us and how we can spot the signs of poor mental health.

Modules include:

  • What is mental health?
  • How ill mental health can affect individuals and those around them
  • Spotting poor mental health
  • What can we do about it?
  • How to get help and find out more information
  • Module takeaways
Selfcare booklet

We sometimes forget to look after ourselves, the aim of this course is remind you to schedule in some me time and be kind to yourself. From getting enough sleep to going outside, this booklet guides you through eight helpful tips to take better care of your mental health.

Guided breathing exercises

Mindfulness is about paying attention to the present moment and being aware of how you feel. Our two minute guided breathing exercise helps you to take a moment for yourself and just breath.

Where to get help

If you feel like you could do with some extra support, there are always resources out there, this course suggests a few organisations for you to explore.