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Leaving your property

If you are thinking about moving on you need to let Chorus Homes know as soon as possible.

Ending your tenancy

When you’re ready to end your assured or assured shorthold tenancy, you must call us at 0345 266 9760 or email giving at least four weeks’ notice. Your tenancy must end on a Monday.

When you give us notice, we’ll write to explain the process, sending you key tags so you can label all your keys.

When you move out on the agreed Monday, you must return all the keys by noon. If you return them later, we’ll charge you another week’s rent. Don’t forget to leave us your forwarding address, in case we need to speak to you at a later date.

We expect you to leave your former home clean, rubbish-free and clear of all your belongings – including the gardens, roof space and any outbuildings. However, you may be able to leave items in good condition, if the new tenant wants them – ask the member of staff who visits about this.

If you leave the place in a poor condition and we have to spend money rectifying this, we will send you a bill for completing any work to bring the property back to the acceptable standard.

Moving out

After you have given notice you wish to end your tenancy we will inspect your home and explain what you will need to do before you move out. Ending your tenancy starts the notice period.

What happens during the notice period?

We will visit you at home, to discuss what you need to do before you leave. We will look for repairs that will need to be made, check that any alterations you have made have been authorised by us and are acceptable, and that the property is clean and safe for the new tenant to move in. We will also advise what you can and cannot leave behind. If the work or repairs are not to an acceptable standard we will charge you for the cost for carrying the work out.

During this visit we will assess what additional repairs/damage (if any) you are responsible for.

In the meantime we will be identifying a new tenant to move into your home, and by arrangement with you, will allow them to view the property.

What condition do you expect me to leave my home in when I go?

We expect you to leave your former home clean and clear of all your personal belongings and refuse. This includes the gardens, roof space, and any outbuildings or sheds. Any repairs not due to fair wear and tear are your responsibility and if they have to be carried out by us, after you leave, you will be charged for them.

Can I leave items in my home for the new tenant, for example a carpet that is in good condition?

Please discuss this with a member of staff who will agree with you what can be left. If the new tenant does not want the item, and we have to dispose of it, we may charge you.

I have handed in my notice, but I have a partner/lodger living with me who wishes to stay in the property. What should I do?

You must give us vacant possession of your home. If not, we may need to take court proceedings to regain possession of your home, and require you to pay costs and charges for the property while it cannot be rented to somebody else. Unless you are a Fixed Term tenant, notice to end a tenancy is valid, even if given by only one of the joint tenants. The other joint tenant will have to move out when the tenancy ends.

Who else should I tell that I am moving?

Remember to tell all organisations who need to know your new address:

  • Council Tax
  • Housing Benefit
  • The Department for Work and Pensions
  • Utility companies
  • Bank/building societies and credit companies
  • Social Services
  • School/libraries
  • TV licensing
  • GP, Dentist etc.

When you leave, please make sure you have:

  • Paid all your rent
  • Left no one in occupying the property
  • Removed all your possessions and property from home and garden
  • Left the premises clean and tidy, including garden and outbuildings
  • Left internal decorations in a good condition
  • Reinstated any fixtures and fittings, as agreed with Chorus Homes, making good any damage and any alterations
  • Notified the water, gas and electricity companies
  • Returned all keys (and key fobs) to our head office by noon on the tenancy end date (including window locks and shed keys, where applicable)
  • Given us a forwarding address.

Keys and key fobs

You will be given a date of when you need to return all keys and key fobs to Chorus Homes, Brook House, Ouse Walk, Huntingdon PE29 3QW

If you do not return them by the agreed date, you will have to pay additional rent.

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