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Green innovation

Maintaining the fabric of our homes is made easier by effective heating and ventilation of our buildings.

We know that affordability can have a big impact on an individual's ability to heat their home properly and the most vulnerable are as the highest risk.

We're positioning ourselves at the forefront of the sustainability agenda in Scotland by:

  • Improving the energy efficiency of homes
  • Improving customers' understanding and ability to control energy use
  • Introducing renewable technologies
  • Working in partnership with key stakeholders including energy companies, the Scottish Government and voluntary agencies.

Our energy strategy

Reprioritising our investment programmes. We invested an additional £6 million from 2015 to 2020 to ensure our homes meet the EESSH target. The Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing came into force in April 2015.

Investing in innovative research and development. See case studies.

Tackling fuel poverty with customers through our home energy advice team.

Helping communities access Scottish Climate Challenge funding to support the reduction of carbon emissions.

Developing ideas and promoting best practice. 'Reuse House' was an empty property that was transformed into a show home using only recycled products.

Expanding video conferencing in our offices to reduce staff travel. In 2018-19 we saved 1904 business hours; 102,832 business miles; £27,000 in travel expenses; and 30CO2 tonnes.

Recycling 71% of office waste.

Case Study: EastHeat

The project has received over £3 million funding from the Scottish Government, through the Local Energy Challenge Fund and more than £4 million of investment in solar panels from Edison Energy.

The lead partner on the project is Sunamp, a small company based in East Lothian which designs and manufactures innovative heat storage 'batteries'. Other partners include East Lothian Housing Association and Edison Energy, a solar company.

The project has developed and tested the heat storage batteries in a variety of different situations, with the aim of increasing residents' comfort and tackling fuel poverty.

EastHeat has involved our properties, including developments at Balfour Court in Edinburgh and Salisbury View in Mayfield, and over 600 individual house and flats across central Scotland.

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