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Our culture

We treat everybody honestly, courteously and fairly.

We’re a group full of different talents and specialisms. But we share the same beliefs about how to apply them, in life and in business.

Serving Our Purpose

There are many things you could say about the culture at Places for People. We’re a group where talented people can work together to make lives better. Where caring, can-do people are always on hand to support customers and colleagues. And where commercial skills and instincts can achieve great social outcomes. But it’s all about one thing: constantly nourishing our relationships with our customers, colleagues and other stakeholders. We put people first. By doing that, we can deliver on our core purpose of creating and managing places to live that are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.


The People First Promise

Across the Places for People organisation, we put people first. We promise to treat everybody honestly, courteously and fairly. We regularly check our performance with customers and review any potential improvements, and to involve customers in developing the products and services we provide, so that they’re relevant and valued. Our People First operating model makes sure that our relationships with our colleagues, customers and clients come before anything else.


Our SPIRIT Values

Across the group, we share a common approach to customer experience, rooted in our SPIRIT values:


We’re always there to help customers and colleagues


We’re about a ‘can-do’ attitude, and encouraging others to achieve


We’re open and honest, and always deliver on our promises


We treat people fairly and with understanding


We’re open to new ideas and unafraid of failure


We believe more can be achieved by working well with others

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