What we do

We're one of the UK's leading placemakers.

We work across the full spectrum of placemaking. We build homes and communities where everyone is welcome and everyone can thrive.

Our markets

We provide and manage every kind of housing, plan and build new developments, manage leisure facilities and offer customer-friendly financial products.


Invest in places

Communities are more than just collections of homes. Whoever they’re for, our places feel safe, connected, accessible and cared-for.


Create opportunities

Through local partnerships and initiatives, we’re helping communities unlock new opportunities and promising futures.


Build communities

Big ideas grow from small seeds. Working with people living and working in our communities, we make good things happen.

People First

All our companies share a promise – to put people first, and treat everyone honestly, courteously and fairly.


Provide homes

We started more than 50 years ago. Today we’re building and managing places to live for people of all ages and circumstances, up and down the UK.


Change lives

By providing shelter and support to give people with complex needs, we can help put them on a new path.


Invest in the future

The UK’s housing crisis won’t solve itself. We’re working on smarter, more sustainable solutions for tomorrow’s homes.

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