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Our lettings standards

Published on 21 July 2022

We'll make sure your new home is fit to live in, safe and secure, and complies with legal requirements.


Checklist of our letting standards 

Structure and appearance 

  • The roof will be wind and weather-tight 
  • Gutters, downpipes, and gullies will be working and free from blockages. 

Heating and mains services 

  • We'll carry out full and certified electrical and gas-safety checks 
  • We'll lag any cold-water tanks, hot-water cylinders, and exposed pipes 
  • The property will have a working smoke-alarm system 
  • Any boiler will be in good working order with a timer or programmer (or both) fitted 
  • You'll have adequate heating. 


  • Sockets will be switched, double pole, clean, free of paint and fit for purpose 
  • We'll test the consumer unit and make sure it's in line with current BS7671 electrical regulations 
  • We'll test and inspect any existing non-standard fittings and may leave them in place - it's then your responsibility to maintain them 
  • Pendant lights and switches will be clean, free of paint and fit for purpose.


  • External doors will have secure locks and they'll open and close. They'll also be wind and weather-tight 
  • Internal doors and frames will be in working order. They'll open and close.

Windows and other glazing 

  • Glazing will be intact 
  • Windows will be safe, secure and in working order.

Floors, stairs and internal woodwork 

  • Internal woodwork will be in good condition and free from damage or decay 
  • Floors will be secure and without nails or gripper rods. We'll check stairs and handrails to ensure they're safe and secure 
  • We don't provide any floor coverings but we'll leave any left by the previous tenant if they're in good condition - like laminate or carpets. It's then your responsibility to maintain them.

Walls and ceilings 

  • Ceilings will be in a reasonable condition - they won't have any large cracks or loose plaster.

Bathrooms and toilets 

  • Sanitary ware and fittings: bath, shower, toilet, toilet seat and wash hand-basins - will be clean, disinfected, sealed, and in good working order with an adequate supply of hot and cold water 
  • The bath and wash hand-basins will have adequate tiled splash-backs. We'll replace any missing tiles with white tiles if no match is available.


  • There will be an adequate supply of hot and cold water 
  • All kitchen units and worktops will be in good working order and cleaned inside and out 
  • We'll provide a gas or electric cooker connection point depending on the supply. It's your responsibility to get a cooker installed by a Gas Safe or NICEIC-registered engineer 
  • There will be a suitable sink and drainer with plug and chain 
  • You'll have adequate-sized base units, wall units and work-tops for the size of room 
  • The sealant around the sink and worktops will be clean and in good order 
  • We'll provide a washing-machine point if there's space 
  • We'll prepare the floor surface for you to fit your own flooring 
  • Doors, drawer fronts, handles, tiles and worktops will be fit for purpose 
  • We'll inspect and clean any white goods that remain in the property - and it's up to us to maintain them.


  • We'll decorate only in exceptional circumstances - like if walls have mould or graffiti on them 
  • It's your responsibility to decorate, including filling cracks. Make sure you don't use steam wallpaper strippers as these can damage the plaster 
  • We'll offer decorating vouchers only in exceptional circumstances.

Gardens and fencing 

  • The garden will be tidy and free from rubbish 
  • We'll cut hedges and shrubs back and trim the grass 
  • We'll remove any garden sheds or other structures that are in poor condition - but you'll be responsible for their maintenance if we leave them 
  • We'll repair any fencing that falls under our responsibility if it poses a health and safety risk.


  • The property will be free from rubbish 
  • Floors will be swept and mopped if appropriate 
  • All sanitary fittings will be de-scaled and chemically cleaned 
  • Kitchen units and cupboards will be washed down and left clean 
  • Windows will be cleaned.


  • We'll contain any asbestos found in a property and set up a management plan for it. 

Rubbish bin 

  • You'll be responsible for asking your local council to provide a rubbish bin if there isn't one outside when you move in. 

General advice 

  • We'll explain how the heating and hot water works 
  • We'll show you where the main fuse box and the gas and water stop-taps are 
  • We'll give you a welcome pack with information and equipment on energy-saving opportunities. 

Tenant's sign-up 

We'll ask you to sign a form to show that you're happy with the condition of the property - and that it's met the required standards.