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Full Fibre

Places for People are working in partnership with several full fibre infrastructure providers to give thousands of our customers the opportunity to sign up to Gigabit speed, ultrafast full fibre broadband.

What is Full Fibre?

Full Fibre is a partnership between Places for People and full fibre broadband infrastructure providers that will see full fibre connectivity rolled out to our homes. This will give you the option to take up a full fibre broadband service from one of the new providers if you wish to.

Alongside providing access to ultrafast broadband, other benefits include, discounts to help tackle digital exclusion, new broadband connections for community facilities, digital training, apprenticeships and job opportunities for people.

Which infrastructure providers are Places for People working with?

Places for People are currently working in partnership with:

What is Gigabit Speed Ultrafast Full Fibre Broadband?

Gigabit Speed full fibre is a type of broadband connectivity that uses fibre optic cables run directly to homes or buildings, rather than the old-style copper wiring used in standard internet services.

It’s the fastest and most reliable type of broadband, allowing households to use multiple internet services and devices simultaneously without a drop in service.

How can I receive Ultrafast Broadband?

Infrastructure providers will be installing full fibre connections across Places for People homes from summer 2022.

Once a neighbourhood is connected, the providers will directly advertise broadband services to customers, who can choose whether they wish to take up any of the offers available.

This is just another option for customers in addition to their existing broadband providers, and customers are under no obligation to sign up for a new service.

Will installation cause disruption for customers?

Broadband installations are relatively straightforward and don’t involve major work, but there will be some short-term visible works in neighbourhoods.

Installation typically involves running cabling up or down the outside of a building, and/or installing cabling through the communal parts of a building.

The broadband providers won’t need access inside your home unless you’ve ordered services from them.

You will be informed by the broadband providers when installations are taking place and will take steps to keep disruptions to a minimum.

You’ll be contacted in advance of any work in your neighbourhood with full details.

What is our role in this work?

We are not funding this work or delivering the services directly. The internet services are provided in a similar way to other utilities.

The broadband infrastructure providers will fully fund and manage the fibre broadband installations. We’ll be giving the providers access so they can install new connections to our homes.

We’ll be working closely with them to make sure work is completed to a high standard and is in line with best practice, is safe and compliant with all regulations, and is carried out in a way that’s sensitive to your needs.

Once the work is complete, you will have the option to purchase full fibre broadband service from any of the internet service providers. Places for People do not promote any internet services/deals.

Is there any cost to customers or leaseholders?

No. There will be no installation cost to customers, leaseholders or Places for People.

All installations will be carried out at the broadband provider’s cost.

You can choose to take up a new full fibre internet service for a monthly fee, but there is no obligation to do this.

What's the performance like?

Full fibre is ‘gigabit-capable’, meaning you can get download speeds of up to 1000 megabits per second (or more).

This means it’ll be over 15 times faster than the normal download speed. At these speeds, you can download a HD movie in under a minute. You can also get much faster upload speeds.

Full fibre is more reliable than copper-based networks and is 5x less likely to have faults.

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