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Selling your outright owned home

This page gives you information about selling your outright owned home.

If you have any questions, please email our team at or complete our Resale Enquiry Form at the bottom of this page and we will do our best to help you. 

If you own your property outright and there is no eligibility criteria outlined in your lease or transfer (such as a minimum age requirement), it may be a requirement that any buyer enters into a legal document called a Deed of Covenant or Licence to Assign with us and that we have to be notified that a sale has taken place. 

It may also be a requirement of your property’s lease or transfer that we must provide consent to the sale.

Speaking to your solicitor

If you are selling your property, you must ask your solicitors to contact us once a sale has been agreed to find out if there are any specific requirements for the sale of your home. Your solicitor will notify the buyer’s solicitors of any requirements for them to serve on us when the sale completes. Depending on the terms of your property’s lease or transfer, there may be an administration fee payable by your buyer. 

Any fees payable will be outlined in our initial letter to your solicitor. It is important your buyer’s solicitors serve any requirements on us as soon as possible after completion so there isn’t a delay in us being able to update the account into your buyer’s name.

Management Packs 

Your solicitor may ask you to pay for a management pack (also known as an LPE1, FME1, or Purchaser Information Pack) if your buyer’s solicitors have requested one. As part of our process, we do not require you to obtain a management pack, but your buyer’s solicitors might insist on one.  Who is responsible for paying for the pack should be agreed between parties. 

Payment for the pack can be made by bank transfer or cheque, or alternatively, we can ask our Income Team to call to take payment over the phone. Delays in notifying us of payment may delay production of the pack so it is important we are notified as soon as payment has been made. 

You can contact us at or complete our Resale Enquiry Form at the bottom of this page to request our bank details or if you have any questions.

Your solicitors should request the management pack from us as early as possible in the process to prevent it from holding up your sale. We aim to issue management packs within 10 working days of receiving payment for the pack.

If your property is managed by RMG (Residential Management Group), your solicitor will need to contact them directly for the management pack or any other enquiries. RMG’s Solicitors Enquiries Department can be contacted at

Deed of Variation

If a Deed of Variation is requested and agreed to, our legal fees for providing the Deed of Variation will be payable. 

Lease Extensions

You can apply for a lease extension if your lease is short. Find out more by reading our guide to lease extensions.

Outright Resale Enquiry Form

If you would like further information or to notify us that you are selling your home, please complete the form and we will get in touch.

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