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How to make your home cosy for Autumn

Lady Sits On Sofa Holding A Hot Drink

While summer seems like it hardly started this year, it’s almost time to start thinking about autumn. The shops have already started filling up with Halloween decorations and pumpkin scented candles, so it’s high time you put away your paddling pool and turn your attention to some autumn home décor ideas. Thankfully, we’re here with some quick wins to make your home cosy this autumn.

1. Deep clean your home

We all know that spring cleaning is a thing, but it’s also a great idea to deep clean your home before any new season – including autumn. As the temperature drops, windows are closed, and the heating gets cranked up, it’s the perfect environment for dirt and germs to thrive! With flu season just around the corner, an autumn deep clean can keep your home as sickness-free as possible. 

We also tend to spend a lot more time in our homes as the weather takes a turn for the worse, so autumn can be an excellent time to declutter and organise your space. In fact, with the rise of apps like Vinted, Depop and even Facebook Marketplace, you can profit from unwanted items. 

Deep Clean

2. Autumn home maintenance  

Before you even think about buying some cosy autumn décor, it’s a bright idea to do some home maintenance beforehand. Checking things like your boiler efficiency, balancing radiators, and testing smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are all tasks that will save you a lot of heartache later down the line. You can find more tips on pre-autumn home maintenance in this article.   

Home Maintenance

3. Autumn home decor ideas

A few small changes can make a big difference to the way your home looks and feels, so we’ve compiled some quick and budget-friendly autumn home décor ideas that you can do whether you’re renting or own your home.  

Introducing seasonal colours 

Couple Paint A Wall Bright Orange

Colour is vital to our mood, especially when talking about our home. Bringing autumnal shades into your décor is a great way to embrace the season and give your home a cosy makeover. 

Now, seasonal colours like yellows, rich oranges, and deep reds may seem daunting to use in your home, but they can be incorporated with varying degrees to suit your personal tastes. 

For braver decorators out there, a fresh lick of paint is all that’s needed to bring a space into the season. Dulux Colour of the year 2023 – Wild Wonder- is a perfect example. Gentle and warm, this golden yellow shade is inspired by the natural colours found in autumn. Are you leaning more toward the rust tones? No problem, Licks’ Orange 02 Matt is the perfect feature wall shade for creating a cosy autumn vibe. The fantastic thing about paint is that you can make the look you want on practically any budget. Say you find a colour you love but is out of your price range; try the affordable B&Q paint mixing service. Simply describe or show them the colour you want and choose your desired finish and tin size, and they’ll mix it for you in-store. 

You can introduce the seasonal colour palette through accessories for those less daring with colour or DIY shy. Soft furnishings like throws, cushions and wall art are savvy and cost-effective solutions, especially if you tend to switch up your décor regularly. 

Texture, texture, texture 

Sofa Layered With Cushions And Blankets

Autumn is all about creating a cosy and comfy home aesthetic, and a great way to achieve this is by bringing plenty of soft textures to your home. 

When looking for soft furnishings, consider textures like boucle, faux fur, and chenille. 

Using the same material for all your soft furnishings can make your home look flat and uninteresting, so don’t be shy to mix it up! In fact, layering different textiles will ensure your home looks lived-in and natural rather than a staged show home. 

A great place to start is cushions and throws. They can be added to beds and sofas to provide a tempting sense of comfort to your living and sleeping spaces. If you have a little more to spend on your autumnal décor, why not splash out on a new rug to bring a cosy feel to any room?

Break out the scented candles

Candles (1)
Smell is one of our most powerful senses. It’s highly connected to our memory, so the right fragrance can elevate your home’s décor subtly but effectively. Home scents like candles, wax melts, and reed diffusers are all affordable ways to get your home in the autumn mood with little cost.
When picking a home scent for autumn, think of comforting smells that’ll bring a sense of calm on a rainy day. Seasonal scents like pumpkin, cinnamon, and fig are obvious choices for a reason, but clean scents like fresh laundry, vanilla, and cashmere can bring a homely feel that helps you feel grounded. 

Disclaimer: Never leave a lit candle unaccompanied. Always ensure it is positioned away from flammable items and out of the reach of children.