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Fund management

The right kind of investment means we can make more of the right kind of places

With Thriving Investments' responsible investment, we’re making it easier to fund sustainable places and generate the social value that makes a difference to people’s lives.

Raise Capital. Grow Opportunities.

Since we launched Thriving Investments (formerly PfP Capital) in 2017, our investment arm has become a recognised leader in the UK fund management sector for its responsible approach. At the heart of its philosophy is the conscientious investment of clients’ capital in ways that help protect the environment, develop thriving communities and create social value, alongside attractive financial returns. Its holistic approach embraces the core principles responsible investing.

Conscientious Investment. Considered Outlay.

Thriving Investments has three current fund strategies —the Private Rented Sector focussing on owning and managing suburban BTR and single-family housing throughout the UK; Mid-Market Rent fund in Scotland aimed at providing new keyworker housing close to places of work; and urban regeneration via its subsidiary igloo Developments providing mixed tenure developments.  The current and future fund strategies allow investors to access different areas of the housing market.