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Leisure management

When people get healthier and fitter together, communities get stronger, too

It’s no big secret: places, events and activities that offer the means and motivation to be fitter, healthier and more active help build bonds between people. Our leisure facilities aren’t just going through the motions. 

Wellbeing for all 

At dozens of leisure centres, sports centres, swimming pools, halls and hubs across the UK, Places Leisure works with local authority partners to deliver health and wellbeing programmes for all, rather than simply operate facilities. With every community we work in, we get to know what’s needed to help local people reach their potential, which guides us when we’re designing, building and managing leisure facilities, and when we’re developing health and wellbeing programmes. 

On the right track 

Our Into:Active programmes aim to tempt hard-to-reach customers and widen access to wellbeing and supporting people who would like to be active but are put off by the traditional gym experience. And we’re providing free swimming, racquet sports and other fun activities for under-15s, to put them on the right track; every week, over 80,000 children learn to swim at Places Leisure centres. 

Caring for the community 

Our insights into the community’s health are valuable in other ways. We work with public health agencies to provide interventions such as GP referrals and weight management programmes. These are designed to reduce the incidence of major chronic diseases, such as coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and many forms of cancer.