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Specialist landlord services

Our properties are unique to the individual and identified in partnership with customers, their families and commissioners

Our specialist landlord services

Places for People dedicates specialist skills to the acquisition, adaptation and management of personalised accommodation for people with complex and multiple support needs – including those arising from mental health, physical disabilities, learning disabilities, and long-term health conditions. Our properties are unique to the individual and identified in partnership with customers, their families and commissioners


Our acquisitions team is dedicated to working with customers, their families, care and support providers and commissioners to acquire properties that are adapted to meet the specific needs of individuals. The team uses its comprehensive knowledge of sourcing and adapting suitable accommodation from the open market to meet demand across the country, as well as working with third party developers.

A network of contractors managed by internal surveyors ensure that our customers are central to any decisions about the works we undertake, including our compliance and fire safety works.

Since 2016, we’ve acquired over 200 properties for over 750 customers as part of our overall supported housing portfolio for around 4000 customers.

Our properties include individual and shared houses, bungalows, flats, and some larger bespoke schemes. We strive to buy high quality properties, adapted to our tenants’ specific needs, where they will thrive as part of their local community.

Most of our tenants receive Housing Benefit under the specified accommodation rules. This is usually paid by local authorities directly to us as the landlord. We then provide the housing management functions, offering the security our tenants often don’t find in the private sector.

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Care and support providers

Places for People Living Plus has broad experience of working with care support providers across the country to set up bespoke supported living. We work tirelessly to provide homes for people with a variety of care and support needs.

We can support in setting up new provision, as well as replacing unsuitable accommodation with bespoke purchase and adaptation from the open market. We can also acquire existing supported housing properties from private landlords, or even directly from care and support providers, where a separation is sought between the care provision and landlord functions.

We agree a service level agreement with our care and support providers, and occasionally as part of a management agreement where the care and support provider can provide housing management. For example, in short stay services. Our agreements ensure that people receive the right levels of support and housing management to help them live safely and comfortably. We ensure all our new accommodation provision is supported by the relevant commissioning authority.

  • We work with care and support providers to find the right bespoke housing approach.
  • We ensure the long-term financial viability of projects by securing the right level of rent and service charges.
  • We have specialist knowledge of Housing Benefit and regulatory requirements.
  • We provide a specialist landlord service to our tenants, and care and support providers.
  • We work with all supported housing groups, including those with complex need


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Local authorities

Places for People work with local authorities and Clinical Commissioning Groups across England, to offer a range of supported housing solutions in conjunction with an extensive list of care and support providers.

  • We ensure we meet regulatory requirements and rent standards for social and affordable rents, including temporary social and specialised supported housing.
  • We work closely with local Housing Benefit departments to agree rents that are reasonable and paid outside of Universal Credit, providing financial stability and certainty that rent will be paid in full for our tenants.
  • We work closely with local authorities to develop housing in line with their strategic housing requirements, as well as responding to specific demand.
  • We have experience in purchasing and adapting properties for individuals with complex needs.
  • We offer advice and expertise; whether you want us to provide housing for a few people or have a larger project in mind, our team have the in-depth knowledge and skills to help.


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Places for People works with a wide range of people, including private and social developers, Homes England, other partners, local authorities, and health care commissioning teams.

We have an experienced acquisitions team with access to internal and external expertise but are always looking for off-market opportunities and turn-key opportunities where there is local demand.

We’re a well networked organisation, working in over 85 local authorities and with more than 95 care and support providers. We have a high demand nationally and want to work with developers to meet these needs.

Our approach is to ensure people with a variety of care and support needs have a safe and secure home.


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