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Places for People to deliver 15 new modular homes to support homeless people across Bristol.

Derby St Handover

How partnerships and innovative solutions are helping us prevent homelessness.  

We’re proud to say we’re growing our supported accommodation services. In the past week, Places for People has secured planning on seven new single-person units in Stonebridge Park and, in partnership, with Hill Group delivered eight new modular homes at Derby Street, Bristol.  

The new homes come at a time when Bristol Council has seen their demand for single-person accommodation increase from 698 to 4,773.  

Creating new spaces through innovative solutions and partnerships 

At Derby Street, Hill Group’s philanthropic initiative Foundation 200 – a £15million pledge to design, manufacture and donate 200 modular homes to homeless charities and local authorities by 2025 – has designed and provided eight purpose-built modular SoloHaus homes.  

The homes were handed over to us on 27th September along with senior staff from Hill and Bristol City Council.  

The specially designed modular homes provide a safe, comfortable, and independent space for our Customers and arrive fully furnished, ready for installation onto a pre-prepared site. Designed to house single people, the homes have a 60-year lifespan and are built to Future Homes Standards, exceeding building regulations for energy efficiency and sound insulation.  

The land on which these homes are situated has been transferred to Places for People by Bristol City Council for nominal rent on a 60-year lease, ensuring longevity and stability for the scheme. The council has also secured a significant funding contribution from the Department for Levelling Up, Housing, and Communities (DLUHC) Rough Sleeping Accommodation Programme that will cover the salary of a support worker at the development for 18 months.    

“Stonebridge Park and Derby Street are more than just a roof over someone’s head, they will provide a safe place and means we can support people fully to realise their potential."

Building on our positive impact  

At Stonebridge Park, we’re building on our success of the past 23 years at the site by increasing the number of homes from 27.  

On Wednesday 20th September we were granted planning permission for seven new independent living pods to be added to the site.  

Having delivered homelessness services since 1960, and successfully provided over 200 supported accommodation properties across Bristol, this is a major landmark to help more people in their time of need. 

Stonebridge Park Impression Of Proposed Modular Housing. Sept23 Web Size (1)
Stonebridge Park, artist's impression of future homes

Katie Procter, Head of Supported Housing comments on the latest additions to Bristol. “The supported housing services we offer, managed locally by professional, highly trained colleagues help to support vulnerable people live independently, create meaningful opportunities for them and reduce reliance on Policing, Health and Social Care services.   

“We’re proud to be able to offer services that support Customers with varying support needs and backgrounds and work in partnership with several other providers across the country. In Bristol, we are happy that in the last five years, over 135 Customers have been able to move into permanent accommodation after using our services. These new homes won’t just help 15 people but will support hundreds of people to find a way out of homelessness in a supportive and therapeutic environment. They will deliver huge social value, as well as significant environmental and economic benefits. Our successful programme is down to the consistent approach to supporting anyone who enters our services and the strong management processes in place.    

“Stonebridge Park and Derby Street are more than just a roof over someone’s head, they will provide a safe place and means we can support people fully to realise their potential.  Places for People are committed to continue working in a collaborative approach with partners, Bristol council and the local community to ensure a safe and effective delivery model.”