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Transforming Communities through the power of sport

Group Of People On Playground

We believe that access to sport and its benefits is a right for everyone and not a privilege. Unfortunately, many young People growing up in low-income, underserved Communities often lack the opportunities to engage in sports and physical activity. 

That’s why we partnered up with StreetGames, to bridge this opportunity gap and unlock the multiple benefits that physical activity can offer to children and young People.

About Street Games

StreetGames harnesses the power of sport to create positive change in the lives of young People across the UK by building skills and knowledge in the areas of sport, physical activity, Community safety, and mental and physical well-being. 

Their mission is to transform the lives of young People living in low-income, underserved Communities by providing them with opportunities to engage in sports and physical activity. 

Now, through our Community Investment fund, we are delivering youth and family activities across seven different areas in the UK – soon to be expanded to thirteen.

One of the projects we support with StreetGames is Doorstep Sport. An innovative sporting offer that aims to provide accessible and affordable opportunities for young People to take part in informal sports within their local Communities. This initiative bypasses many of the traditional barriers to activity amongst young People in poverty and places a strong emphasis on youth leadership, offering personal development opportunities and encouraging lifelong participation.

The positive impact of Doorstep Sport

Through Doorstep Sport, we have been working with Community organisations across the UK to deliver this offering to our Customers in our Places for People Communities.

As it has been proven that engagement in sport can unite young People from different backgrounds who live in the same Community, these sessions aim to make the area a better place to live, by providing a positive outlet where young People can create friendships, build relationships and instil trust in the Community, whilst also tackling anti-social behaviour and racism as a by product.

From speaking with young People, parents, and staff from the project, the impact the sessions are having on the young People was clear with one parent saying:

“This is the first opportunity the kids have had to engage in physical activities since Covid, and it has got them back socialising and into a great routine. We’re thankful for these sessions.”

Tony Hennon, Community Investment Manager said:

“We are delighted to be working with StreetGames in our Communities and see the positive impact that the regular weekly sessions are having with a wide range of young people from diverse backgrounds, including young parents. The sessions support raising aspirations for young People and it’s great to see everyone have fun.”

To find out more about Street Games and the work they do in the Community, please visit: