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Customer consultation - Shared Ownership

Following a review, we have decided to sell the ownership and management for some of our shared ownership properties in England to another Registered Provider.

During September we will be seeking formal expressions of interest from Registered Providers; organisations who express an interest in purchasing the properties (Places for People’s share) will be asked to provide more information about their business, including the service offer for customers, should they be successful.

We would like to hear your views about this proposal, understand your priorities for a new landlord and ensure you have the opportunity to meet or talk to a member of staff at Places for People to have your questions answered.  I have attached some Questions and Answers to help answer some of your initial queries.

To help inform our selection process, we have a short online survey which I would like you to complete. We will use your feedback as part of our selection process for a new landlord.

We would be grateful if you could complete this survey by 11th October 2023.

Customer consultation

Do you understand the proposal that Places for People is making and why we are proposing these changes?

How would you like to receive more information about the changes and the process that Places for People will use to select your new landlord?

Where the landlord has repairing obligations under the terms of your lease, we understand that this will be a top priority. In relation to other services please choose which three of the services listed below are the most important to you.

The closing date to the consultation is 11th October 2023.

For further information please email

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey. The data will be deleted after the consultation process ends and a new landlord has taken over the management of your home.

If you would like further details about your data rights, please read our Privacy Policy or you can contact

For further information please email