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Winter wellness tips for all the family

Young Girl Chops Fruit And Vegetables In Kitchen

Caring for your health during winter can be hard and may fall down your list of priorities. 

Many people find themselves needing to put in a little extra effort to combat those winter blues. 

Some may even be experiencing symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which can become more apparent during the autumn and winter months as it’s linked to reduced sunlight.

That’s why we’re looking at the best ways to keep both your physical health and mental health the best they can be. This guide is packed with winter wellness tips designed to assist you in taking care of yourself and those around you, hopefully making the colder months that bit easier.

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Eat as healthy as possible
Stay hydrated
Don’t give up on exercise
Plan the year ahead
Keep connected

Eat healthy

Storing Food Leftovers

At Places for People, we understand that eating healthily isn’t always everyone’s first priority, or even the most budget-friendly option.

 However, it is really important for mental and physical health, so here are some suggestions that may help you eat as healthily as possible this winter, while keeping to your budget:

  • Try exploring the essentials range at supermarkets, as these options are often more budget-friendly compared to their more well known counterparts.
  • If you’re friendly with your local butcher and grocer, consider negotiating for bulk purchases with potential discounts. Make the most of this opportunity to stock up on essentials and plan ahead by freezing any extra food for future weeks. 
  • It’s good to get into a habit of freezing extra food before its best-before date, ensuring that every purchase is maximised and minimising waste. A proactive approach like this not only stretches your budget but also contributes to a sustainable and cost-effective lifestyle. Have a read through our food storage tips to save money.

Keep an eye on your vitamin intake, especially Vitamin C, as they will help your body maintain normal bone and muscle function as well as normal immune system function. Oranges, strawberries, and sprouts are all great sources of Vitamin C. 

Vitamin D can help to regulate calcium and phosphate in the body, which is needed to keep bones, teeth, and muscles healthy. Healthcare professionals encourage most people (including young children) to take a daily Vitamin D supplement during the autumn and winter months. If you’re on a budget, own-brand supplements can make a big difference to how much something like this will cost.

For hearty, step-by-step recipes to try at home, take a look at our tasty winter meals on a budget and our useful guide on how to save energy when cooking.

Stay hydrated

Lady Pours A Glass Of Water In Kitchen

There are countless reasons why drinking enough water and staying hydrated is vital to our health and wellbeing - especially during the winter when the heating is on more often, as this can dry out your skin. 

Consuming water, squash with no added sugar or foods high in water content like melons, bell peppers and broccoli don’t just potentially improve your complexion and can help with headaches - here are some lesser-known benefits that some people experience:

  • Lubricating the joints
  • Delivering oxygen throughout the body
  • Preventing kidney damage
  • Regulating body temperature and helps maintain blood pressure

Don’t give up on exercise

Lady Completes An Online Fitness Class At Home

We can find ourselves stuck in a rut when it comes to exercise in the winter. However, during physical activity, your body triggers a release of dopamine and serotonin, which can have a really positive impact on your mood, as well as the benefits for overall health and fitness.

If going to the gym isn’t your thing, see if any of your friends, family or neighbours fancy a natter and a stroll around your neighbourhood or nearby park. Don’t forget to wrap up before you leave the house!

On bad weather days, try searching online for free workout videos or yoga classes and get moving in the comfort of your own living room. You’ll be sure to warm up in your mind and body in no time. If you’re really feeling the cold, we’ve got lots of tips to safely keep warm this winter

Or, if the weather is mild and you have a garden, why not get some fresh air and check out our winter garden maintenance guide to get you started?

Plan the year ahead

Couple Work On Their Finances

For many, the winter months following the busy festive period are a chance to save a few pennies on days out. 

If you’re opting to stay indoors but you’re finding it boring, you could use the time to:

  • Organise a meal plan for the upcoming weeks
  • Create a budget for your household
  • Get inspired and research free activities for warmer days

Being proactive and organised can significantly contribute to your overall well-being and success. Here are some benefits of adopting this approach:

  • Stress reduction: By planning, you can avoid last-minute rushes and reduce stress associated with deadlines. Knowing what lies ahead allows you to allocate time and resources effectively.
  • Increased productivity: You can prioritise life admin tasks based on their importance and deadlines, which helps you focus on high priorities and complete them efficiently, leading to increased productivity. You may want to make a note of when any annual costs come up for renewal, e.g. home insurance.
  • Sense of control: Being organised gives you a sense of control over your life and work. This can boost your confidence and motivation, making it easier to tackle challenges and overcome obstacles.

Keep connected

Group Of Friends Take A Walk In The Park

A walk in the park with friends can’t be underestimated when it comes to improving your winter wellbeing.

Whether it’s through a text, phone call or a knock on their door, reach out to your loved ones and those who make you feel good this winter. Although it’s a bit harder to stay in touch during the colder months, you may not notice it, but your health will benefit from you making the extra effort.

At Places for People, we believe Communities thrive when the people in them look out for each other. Check in on your neighbours, especially if they’re elderly. They may not have many people to talk to or may need help to get the shopping done.

If you’re a Places for People Customer and you’re feeling a little lonely this winter, you may be able to meet new people and keep busy by taking part in one of our Community projects. For other types of support, you may be eligible for some winter help, resources, and support.