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Development and construction

The places we make are like nowhere else. Because no one else makes them the way we do.

Safe streets. Green spaces. Thoughtfully-designed homes with shops and amenities close by. When we develop new places, we put everything into delivering homes and neighbourhoods that work for the whole community. 

Dream teams 

We do whatever it takes to reach the best, most sustainable solution for the community and setting we’re serving. So we’ll team up with specialist partners like Urban Splash in joint ventures, dovetailing our skills and experience so we can achieve more than we thought possible.

Our placemakers 

Sometimes we don’t need to look that far for companies who can deliver perfect-fit placemaking solutions. Within our own group are specialist developers creating award-winning, sustainable places for niche markets. Brio Retirement Living creates homes and communities for the over-55s. And Design Your Home gives house-buyers more choice and freedom to shape their home than ever before