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Bringing colour and Community empowerment to the streets of Leeds

Speak Up Mural Painted On Wall

Strolling along the streets of Harehills, you’ll now discover a captivating burst of colour nestled among the terraced houses.

This striking mural is making a statement and serves as a powerful catalyst for meaningful discussions surrounding the pressing issue of Violence Against Women and Girls.

It was brought to life as part of the ‘Speak Up’ campaign, an initiative by Women Friendly Leeds, aimed to put an end to this form of violence.  

Raising awareness and encouraging action

We proudly partnered with the amazing team at Getaway Girls and Women Friendly Leeds, and received funding support from the People’s Health Trust, to create this remarkable artwork, which sparks conversation, encourages action, and raises awareness about these issues.

The mural was designed and created by talented graffiti artist, Hazard0ne. She worked closely with Getaway Girls and drawing inspiration from a group of remarkable young women, she aimed to capture the vibrant diversity of the Harehills area. The mural’s powerful message, ‘Speak Up’ resonate loud and clear by uniting the Community against violence targeting Women and Girls.

Beyond the visual appeal, the mural serves as a powerful tool to raise awareness of these critical issues. It encourages individuals to find their voices and challenge the status quo. It emphasises that speaking up is not only acceptable but also essential in our collective fight against violence.

Empowering girls and young women

For those that may not know, Getaway Girls is a close ally of Women Friendly Leeds and plays a vital role in empowering girls and young women to support one another, gain confidence, resilience, aspirations, and develop new skills. In a positive environment that fosters cooperation and support, Getaway Girls encourages girls and young women to embrace new possibilities. 

We are incredibly proud to have collaborated on this project, creating a space that enables the continued promotion of #SpeakUp, united in our determination to give women and young girls a powerful voice.

This mural and Community work combines a strong desire for creativity with the need for tackling social issues. It demonstrates inclusivity and diversity, along with drawing attention to the prevalence of violence against women and girls, and effectively represents their experiences.

Well done to everyone involved in this incredible project, together we will #MakeADifference.

Mural Being Painted On Wall
Graffiti On Wall
Graffiti Paint Cans