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Introducing the Community Impact Vehicle

Our attention to Customers’ health allows us to create inclusive and accessible fitness programmes, facilities, and activities that encourage everyone to get involved.

Places Leisure centres aim to provide active places and healthy people for Communities to thrive. That’s why we proudly introduced the Community Impact Vehicle – a mobile hub designed to break down barriers and bring health and Wellbeing directly to our Communities.

Wellness on the move 

The Places Leisure Community Impact Vehicle is a transformative initiative designed to reach those unable to access traditional leisure centres. By eliminating the need for travel, costs, and similar barriers, it aims to make health and Wellbeing accessible to all. 

Places Leisure Community Impact Van

Since its launch in 2022, the vehicle has already touched the lives of over 2,000 people from the local Community, reaching less affluent areas and promoting the mental and physical benefits of health and fitness. From smoothie bikes to free health checks, the vehicle has become a symbol of empowerment, strengthening Community bonds, and enriching the overall Wellbeing of our Customers.

Celebrating the success

Murray MacLennan, Area Healthy Communities Manager shared his delight in the success of the Community Impact Vehicle: 

"As a member of the team utilising our Community Impact Van, I am thrilled to witness the immense support it brings to our Customers and Community. By taking our health outreach events directly to the heart of the Communities we serve, we are revolutionising access to health and Wellbeing initiatives. The van serves as a beacon of empowerment, bridging gaps and removing barriers that once hindered individuals from seeking vital services. The van is a symbol of our commitment to the health of our Community, and I am honoured to be part of this incredible initiative.” 

Wellness On The Move
Wellness Open Day

Bringing health and Wellbeing to Communities 

The impact of the Community vehicle is clear when put into action. It has allowed us to deliver chair-based exercise sessions in a variety of settings including a Community centre in West Bromwich, Sandwell, and a care home with participants who had previously had difficulty accessing a leisure centre. This has been life changing for many residents, significantly improving their movement abilities.

Sam Ross, one of our general managers shared his excitement about the initiative: 

"This fantastic initiative has allowed us to utilise our health referral instructor Steve, in a Community setting which removes the barrier of no access to the leisure centre for these people. We are now delivering chair-based exercise sessions to the residents of a care home, which consequently gives them more opportunities to move, be active, and improve their health and Wellbeing in a familiar setting."

Chair Excercises

Lauren Bell, our Healthy Communities Coordinator in Wyre Forest tells us how the van has enabled them to deliver activity sessions within new Communities: 

"Since mid-September I have had the amazing opportunity to work alongside Active Herefordshire and Worcestershire in providing activities to an Active Bangladeshi Women’s Group in their Community centre. Firstly, they had five tasters of Zumba, Table Tennis, Badminton, Stretch and Tone, and Circuits. It was amazing to see the women push themselves out of their comfort zone and give everything a go! Following these tasters, we are now doing 12 weeks of their chosen activities: Zumba, Stretch and Tone, and Circuits.”

The future of the Community Impact Vehicle

This is only the beginning for our Community Impact Van, behind the scenes, we are continuing to work on enhancing our presence and sustaining already developed programmes.

We are excited to soon be launching three new twelve-week health and wellbeing programmes across Sheffield at Mary Tozer House, Herding’s Community Centre, and Greenside. 

Watch this space as we continue our commitment to revolutionise Community health and wellbeing.