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Rebuilding a Community, Sunny Bank House’s new chapter

Sunny Bank Houses New Chapter

Making a positive impact on an individual's life is always rewarding, but transforming an entire Community is priceless.

At Places for People, we're committed to doing just that by revitalising the Sunny Bank Community Hub in Broomhall, Sheffield. After being closed for eight years, this once-thriving Community centre is in need of a complete overhaul to provide a modern, accessible, and safe space for local residents.

Our vision is to create a Community-led hub that will bring people together, and we’re thrilled to have partnered with local businesses, local authorities, and individuals to breathe new life into this vital project. With VIY (volunteer it yourself) by our side, we are also using this as an opportunity to empower young people aged 14-24 to learn valuable trade skills while they renovate essential Community spaces, like Sunny Bank. And we are so pleased with the progress they have made so far.

Providing a safe and welcoming space for the Community

Broomhall is an area of Sheffield that faced high levels of unemployment and a history of crime and social issues which has given it a negative reputation. However, we believe that the reopening of Sunny Bank House will be a step in the right direction for the Community. The refurbished Community centre will serve as a welcoming hub for local groups and organisations to meet, socialise, exercise and tackle everyday struggles. It will foster greater Community cohesion and support social integration through voluntary and Community sector organisations that deliver physical, cultural, and social activities.

The hub will also provide a home for vulnerable people, delivering much-needed services within the Broomhall ward, including Warm Hubs, and work with the police and local authorities. We envision this Community resource being inclusive and appealing to all people of the Community, creating greater resilience and opportunities for local people to learn new skills and develop new networks.

Involving the Community at every stage

With stage one of the regeneration complete, we recently invited members of the Community to celebrate the progress and update them on the facility’s upcoming uses. The responses were overwhelmingly positive, with many people eager for the hub to reopen and flourish.

Speaking to Tony Hennon, Community Investment Manager for the area, he said:

Four Men From Sunny Bank House
Woman In Kitchen
People Talking In Hall
Group Of People Outside Sunny Bank House