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Moving in

Published on 08 February 2022

One of our colleagues will go through your Tenancy Agreement with you.

In England, this will normally be an Assured Tenancy or the equivalent Scottish Secure Tenancy (SST). This legal contract sets out the conditions of your tenancy, your rights and responsibilities as a tenant, and our rights and responsibilities as a landlord. You’ll get your keys at this appointment and can move in.  

Your moving day

We’ll contact you to arrange a place and time for you to collect your keys. You'll speak to one of our colleagues, who’ll explain your tenancy and confirm final details, including:  

  • Sharing contact details  
  • Checking you’re clear on reporting repairs, working your heating, and rubbish collections 
  • Providing details on claiming universal credit, housing benefit and paying your rent 
  • Offering advice and/or referring you for a financial health check 
  • Sharing how you can get involved in your neighbourhood 

Your property should be in a good state of repair when you move in. We'll tell you if there are any outstanding repairs to be completed when you sign-up. If you find any problems, you can report a repair. 

Getting financial help

We know moving home can be costly. Our financial inclusion and money advice teams may be able to help support you as you settle into your new home.

Please contact us at:   
England (Money Advice Team) 01772 666446
Scotland (Financial Inclusion Team) 0131 657 0600

Connecting your utilities

If known, we’ll tell you who your gas and electricity suppliers are at your sign-up appointment. Please take meter readings as soon as you get your keys and contact your supplier to set up an account. 

If you have not been told at sign up who your provider is, please see below:


You may find that the gas to your new home has been cut-off for safety reasons (capped) when the last occupant left. We will arrange for the gas to be uncapped as soon as possible after signup. If you don't know your supplier, please visit, you will need your meter serial number.

Once you’ve registered with the energy provider, and if you have a meter, it is in credit please contact us on 01772 666091 to arrange for a colleague or contractor to visit and check everything is working well. We'll also give you advice on how to operate your heating appliances and issue a safety record. Please be aware this appointment booking may take up to 48 hours.


If your electricity provider hasn’t been disclosed, please contact Energi on 0800 195 0101. Make sure you've got the meter serial number ready when you call.

Once you’ve established who the provider is, you should be able to contact them to set up your account as normal. 

Please remember to ask your energy provider to provide any credit top up devices you need.

Phone line

You don’t need to ask us if you want to put in a phone line – just go ahead and arrange it. However, you do need our permission to install a satellite dish. 

Insuring possessions 

We’re not responsible for any loss or damage to your personal belongings – including damage to possessions caused by floods, fire, and other unexpected incidents. That’s why it's important to insure the contents in your home. Purchase home contents insurance today. 


If you have a pet, or would like to get one, you need to discuss this with us and seek permission. 

Tell people you've moved 

  • Friends and family 
  • Electricity, gas, and water supplier 
  • Council tax department 
  • Bank 
  • Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) 
  • Contact Royal Mail to redirect mail to your new address