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Community floods Morrisons carpark with donations for the Hays Community Pantry

Food Drive Community Donation

We are proud to support the Hays Community Pantry in Craigmillar. The Pantry offers ‘food with dignity’ by providing affordable food and household items, sold at a fraction of their retail price. Unfortunately, the cost-of-living crisis is impacting more and more households in the Community.  As a result, the Pantry has seen the number of people using its services double in the past year.

To help the Pantry address this demand, we organised a food drive, with the help of Morrisons and Community Renewal Trust. 

It’s brilliant. I work as a carer and started using it after friends recommended it to me. I have brought along the lady I care for too and I really look forward to my visits. The produce is good quality and affordable and the staff are friendly. It’s a huge help to me as it means I can pay my way with our household expenses, taking some of the financial pressure off my partner.
Food Drive Donations

The response from the Community was amazing and thanks to their generosity, the Pantry will be able to support even more families and households who need their services.

I’m so grateful for the members of the Craigmillar community and proud of how they have banded together to help their neighbours. We are proud to support the Hays Community Pantry. It does amazing work and, following these generous donations, will be able to help even more families and households.

The Pantry is open on Wednesdays at the Hays Community Centre, where you will find a broad selection of fresh fruit and vegetables, bakery goods, refrigerated items, as well as long-life tinned items and household goods.

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