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Want to live in a Chorus home?  Here's how!

We are committed to providing fully accessible services that are provided to a high standard:

  • Our lettings service will be fair and easy to use
  • Our homes will be clean and in a good state of repair
  • We will give information to all new tenants on their rights and responsibilities
  • Empty homes will be made ready for new tenants as quickly as possible

Giving you choice through Home-Link

Home-Link is the way homes are let across Cambridgeshire, including Huntingdonshire. Council and Housing Association homes are advertised every fortnight on the Home-Link website.  Our homes are advertised every week.

The first step to getting a home with us is to register with the Home-Link Service.  For more information, the full guide to how this works is available here, or you can pick up a copy from our offices or from Huntingdonshire District Council’s offices.

The bidding process

  • We will accept a maximum of three bids from each household every week
  • When the bidding time has closed we will contact successful applicants to advise of a viewing
  • We are not able to confirm the position on the list to each applicant. The local authority may be able to advise you of this, or check via the Home-Link website for your approximate position

Making an offer

If you are the successful bidder:

  • We will confirm by telephone or email if applicants have been successful. The offer will tell you about the rent and other charges, and the date the tenancy will start
  • We will arrange for you to view the home you have been offered, and confirm the date it will be available
  • We will ask you about any disability which you or a member of your household has, and whether you think you may need any aids and adaptations. If this is the case, we will discuss the types of assistance that Chorus can provide and tell you how you can apply to the Homes Improvement Agency for additional help. More information can be found on the Adapting your home page.
  • We will give you a copy of the energy performance certificate for your home. This will tell you roughly how much it will cost you to run your home

After you have viewed the property we will ask you to confirm that you are still interested. If you have changed your mind you can bid again in the next round.  We will offer the property you refused to the next eligible bidder from the current bidding round.

If you have accepted the property and you are already a Chorus Homes tenant, we will advise you on what to do at your current property before you move out. We will not allow you to move unless your home is in a good condition and your rent is up to date.

Before you move in

We will be happy to deal with any queries or concerns you have about your new home or your tenancy, including practical assistance or advice on paying your rent and other charges.

Your new home

Set out below is the standard that you should expect when you move in to your home:

  • New locks will be fitted to your front and back (we will issue a minimum of 2 keys per door and where there is a secure communal area, a minimum of 2 entry door fobs)
  • All gas installations will be checked and a landlord’s certificate issued

Moving in

  • All electrics will have been checked and will be working safely
  • Your home will be secure and watertight
  • All plumbing will be working and not leaking
  • Your home will be clean
  • Your home and garden (where available) will be clear of rubbish
  • Grassed areas will be tidy
  • All garages and sheds will be secure and lockable
  • New tenants are responsible for the re-decoration of their property with the exception of key worker, market rent and sheltered scheme properties, which are to be re-let in good decorative condition

At the time your tenancy starts we will:

  • Explain your Tenancy Agreement
  • Your rights and responsibilities
  • Tell you about the rent and other charges that you will have to pay
  • Explain how you can make payments
  • Tell you about any non-urgent repairs that are due to be carried out
  • For gas heating, we will advise you how to make an appointment for us to get the heating system working within 48 hours
  • Provide a copy of the electrical safety certificate
  • Tell you any other information that you need to know about the property and the surrounding area

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