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Supporting Robin to get back on track

Hearing how we have made a difference in our Customers’  lives is always a heartwarming experience, but sometimes, the support can be life-changing.

For those who may not know, the Building Better Opportunities (BBO) programme is led by the National Lottery Community Fund with the aim of supporting projects that tackle poverty and promote social inclusion. Our fantastic People on the BBO team are so passionate about supporting others and helping them get back on their feet after experiencing a difficult period in life.

Today we want to share Robin’s experience with you.

How Robin was supported after his wife passed away

Robin (who kindly allowed us to use his own name) was feeling overwhelmed with despair when he decided to reach out to the BBO programme. His wife had sadly recently passed away, he was unemployed and suffered from a variety of health conditions. So, it was no surprise that despite the support of his friends and family, he lacked any motivation and real purpose.

Asking for help from the BBO programme was the first of many brave steps that Robin took on his road to recovery. After joining the programme, he started meeting Rebecca, one of our key workers from the BBO team, for regular one-to-one sessions in Lancaster to initially understand his employment options. Rebecca and Robin discussed his transferable skills and updated his CV which allowed Robin to see how much potential he had. As a 59-year-old services veteran, Robin has previously driven a forklift truck and originally thought that renewing his licence might help open doors to a new career. He also considered training for a security badge to expand his horizons. However, unfortunately, due to Robin’s health conditions, these options were unsuitable.

Open to new opportunities

With the support of Rebecca, Robin was open to looking at new opportunities. They looked at different college courses to gain new skills that would help him secure a more suitable position. He completed a Customer service course, which was delivered by Inspira, and this encouraged Robin to start applying for part-time Customer service roles.

Rebecca also wanted to help Robin with his wellbeing as she knew that he had been through a tough time, so she referred him to Child Action Northwest (CANW) for emotional and therapeutic support to cope with his grief. CANW is an organisation that supports children, adults, and families across the country, ensuring that when life presents difficult circumstances, they have help every step of the way. From working with CANW, he was encouraged to volunteer at St John’s Hospice – an organisation very close to Robin’s heart as this is where his wife passed away. Taking this brave step helped give Robin purpose and new-found confidence through helping others.

To support Robin’s financial worries, Rebecca also provided him with advice on what benefits he was entitled to and the available energy support, this really helped alleviate some of his stress and allowed him to focus on improving his wellbeing.

Looking forward to the future

All in all, thanks to the support of the BBO programme, Robin has dramatically improved his outlook on life and feels much more positive about the future. He is extremely appreciative of the support he received and thanks the team for helping him through a very difficult period in his life.  

A huge well done to Rebecca for supporting Robin when he needed it most and we wish Robin all the best – he is an inspiration to us all.

Want to find out more?

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