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Resident Associations

A Resident Association is a formal group of residents living in the same neighbourhood.

Some of their work can include:

  • Making sure that residents have a voice and an opportunity to share their views
  • Keeping residents informed about issues that affect their local are
  • Organising neighbourhood events and activities
  • Discussing service improvements and priorities
  • Campaigning for something positive, e.g. a better play areas
  • Helping create a better sense of community in your area
  • Keeping residents informed of what's happening.

How to set up a Resident Association

Step 1: Talk to your neighbours

What are the main issues and concerns in your area?

Do they think a Resident Association could make a difference? What homes and areas will the Resident Association cover?

Step 2: Get in contact with your local housing officer or customer engagement team for support.

Step 3: Arrange an initial meeting

Your housing officer can advise you where to hold your meetings

Don't forget to be aware of cultural differences when planning your session and make provision for people with disabilities.

Step 4: Make sure that everyone knows about the meeting

We can give you a template to create a simple letter or leaflet to let people know about the meeting's date, time, and place. Ensure that the letter mentions the issues that concern people the most and that these will be discussed at the meeting. Leaflets need to be delivered in the area 10 days before the meeting.

Step 5: Hold the first meeting

Your housing officer can attend your first meeting and can help you to draw up a plan. The first meeting is a chance to discuss the issues that everyone is concerned about and explain what setting up a Resident Association involves.

After your first meeting, you will know if residents want to set up a Resident Association. If you do decide to set up a Resident Association, there are several things that you need to do at the next few meetings:

  • Choose a name for your Group
  • Select committee members including a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer
  • Agree on a constitution for the Group
  • Be representative of the neighbourhood or community you live in.

Choose 2 or 3 critical aims for your Resident Association – if you can make visible changes quickly in the area you live, then other people will see that you are practical and may want to join.

It may take a couple of months or longer for your Group to get organised.

Don't worry if it takes a long time. Don't rush to launch your Resident Association before you're ready

For England, access our tool kit to get started.

In Scotland, tenants' groups can also become Registered Tenants Organisations. Visit the Scottish Government website for more information.

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